Lessons from History

Our search for a future that works keeps spiraling back to an ancient connection between ourselves and the earth, an interconnectedness that ancient cultures have never abandoned.

– Helena Norberg-Hodges

Somewhere<br><font size=2>22&quot; x 30&quot; <br>$700 (reproductions available)</font>
22" x 30"
$700 (reproductions available)

Art Critic<br><font size=2>22&quot; x 21&quot;<br> Not for sale</font>
Art Critic
22" x 21"
Not for sale
Lockhouse 6<br><font size=2>In private collection</font>
Lockhouse 6
In private collection
Rising<br><font size=2>In private collection</font>
In private collection
Grandmother's Story<br><font size=2>22&quot; x 30&quot;<br>$450</font>
Grandmother's Story
22" x 30"

Hastings<br><font size=2>In private collection</font>
In private collection
Normandy Revisited 1<br><font size=2>10&quot; x 14&quot;</font>
Normandy Revisited 1
10" x 14"

Normandy Revisited 2<br><font size=2>10&quot; x 14&quot;</font>
Normandy Revisited 2
10" x 14"

Normandy Revisited 3<br><font size=2>10&quot; x 14&quot;</font>
Normandy Revisited 3
10" x 14"

D-Day 1<br><font size=2>15&quot; x 22&quot;<br>$100</font>
D-Day 1
15" x 22"

Flanders Fields<br><font size=2>22&quot; x 15&quot;<br>$250</font>
Flanders Fields
22" x 15"

D-Day 2<br><font size=2>15&quot; x 22&quot;<br>$100</font>
D-Day 2
15" x 22"

Meditation<br><font size=2>19&quot; x 30&quot;<br>$250</font>
19" x 30"

Restoration<br><font size=2>In private collection</font>
In private collection
Brazil<br><font size=2>15&quot; x 22&quot; Lithograph<br>$125</font>
15" x 22" Lithograph

Napoleon<br><font size=2>22&quot; x 24&quot; Lithograph<br>$125</font>
22" x 24" Lithograph